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The Next Level in Digital Data Fusion & Analytics

Experts in the Field

Leveraging Decades
of Experience

Team Nighthawk


Team Nighthawk is composed of engineers in the development group, coupled with subject matter experts (SME) who provide expertise and business support in the law enforcement domain.

By joining engineers who gained decades of experience supporting critical missions with former members of law enforcement who have decades of investigative and operational expertise, Team Nighthawk is uniquely positioned to bring both of these disciplines to bear on the ever growing importance of disparate digital data set analysis.

LEOVision, professionally developed, is designed by the edge user for the edge user. Customer service, technical support and interaction, are unmatched. You won't find a more accessible, responsive and innovative company. With an established ticketing system, all issues, questions and needs are responded to, because we understand there is an urgent mission needing support.

We believe that it takes a team to succeed and that team includes our users. By developing solid relationships we collectively experience greater success.

Our mission is supporting your mission!

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