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Bring Data to Life

Analyze - Visualize
The Next Level in Digital Data Fusion & Analytics

Time & Location

Within LEOVision, available data is fused and visualized in a single analysis window.

View and scroll through events on the timeline display, and geographically on the dynamic map display. Zoom in and out in time and geographic areas of interest.

Displays are linked and each updates automatically as you make selections, refocus the timeline, and conduct analytic functions.

Nighthawk LEOVision puts you in control of your data and how you look at it.

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop your data, exactly as received from the provider, directly into your subject of interest.

No need to identify, extract, and parse out the probative files or information from within the provider's data bundle.  LEOVision automatically matches patterns and imports the data when you drag and drop it.

AT&T, Sprint/T-Mobile, Verizon, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TextNow, Cellebrite, Covert Track, ShotSpotter, PIPS - LPR, Babel St - LocateX, and others have been automated.  LEOVision development automates for new data sources as a constant process because technology is constantly changing.

Import novel data, not yet automatically identified, through use of the built-in Import Wizard.



S.I.F.T. - Subject Interaction Filtering Tool allows you to scroll through and observe conversations, calls and messages, events, and other data overlaid and interlaced in time order, helping to identify probative moments in time.

See the gaps fill in by observing the complete conversation interlaced across media types. Watch as targets jump between communication mediums, sharing images, video, and audio.

See how the data from GPS trackers, gunfire acoustic identifiers, LPR hits, and other data all relate in time.


Tower dump analysis, we've got that...but the Intersect Tool goes far beyond just tower dumps.

The Intersect Tool allows analysis of any feature across relatable data sets (social media, CDR's, GPS, specialty location data, etc.) for any time frame, location, or in relation to other events.

Based on their respective data sets, find indirect commonalities between subjects. With this robust analytic tool, see the most shared address, contact, message, and more.


Link Chart

Watch your link chart build behind the scenes as you analyze and build out your case.

Upload mugshots and case photos to better visualize people, places, and things.

Link charts are an essential component for communicating, managing, and navigating large-scale investigations.


LEOVision allows you to create case artifacts right from the Map, Interaction Diagram, S.I.F.T., Intersect Tool, List and Link Chart.

Save these off inside your case for future use, or download them directly for inclusion in other reports and affidavits.

These artifacts can be exported as JPEG, PNG, PDF, CSV, XLS or to the clipboard.

Build your case presentation right from LEOVision, effectively and efficiently.



LEOVision's case-level access control allows you to restrict or grant access to other users inside and outside your user group or agency.

Sensitive cases require confidentiality, and LEOVision provides that.

Provide view only, or view and modify privileges as needed during your investigation.

Pattern crimes like robberies, narcotics, and burglaries cross city lines.  The ability to collaborate with other users inside and outside your agency might be crucial.

Criminals don't know boundaries, your software shouldn't be subject to them either.

Real Time

LEOVision allows Real-time collaboration. See who is in your case and what they're doing. Collaborate across the building or across the country.

Investigators, whether sitting next to each other or working on opposite coasts, can collaborate within a case by uploading, analyzing, and adding information simultaneously, with immediate updates on every users' visualization display.

LEOVision transcends location and time because timely intel is actionable intel.

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