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The Next Level in Digital Data Fusion & Analytics

Trainings are for licensed LEOVision users only.


LEOVision Onboard Training

The Onboard Training is for any new user to LEOVision. Existing users looking for an overall refresher should consider this course as well.


Cellebrite Ingestion

The Cellebrite Ingestion course takes you through uploading a Cellebrite extraction into LEOVision, and how to navigate the data once loaded.

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Count By Tool

The Count By Tool course takes you on a deep dive. Learn how to slice and dice your data in order to develop actionable leads.

Data animation course.jpg

Coming Soon

Data Animation

The Data Animation course takes you through the process of animating your case data to better demonstrate your findings.

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Interaction Network Diagram

The Interaction Network Diagram course takes you on a deep dive into the tool. Learn how to tease out the wheat from the chaff.

Intersect course_edited.jpg


The Intersect Tool course takes you through the process of setting you intersects for data and words. Learn how to leverage this powerful tool for Geofences, Tower Dumps, and more.


List Tool

The List Tool course takes you on a deep dive into this powerful feature. Learn how to carve up your tabular data to identify substantial leads, apply customer set-ups and more.

SIFT course.jpg


The S.I.F.T. course provides a deep dive into the features functionality. Learn how to build on your findings from the List Tool to produce powerful demonstratives.


Word Lists

The Word Lists is a deep dive into the feature that allows you to shake away the chaff for the wheat across categories of word types.


Map Tool

The Map Tool course educates you on how to expertly navigate the mapping functions. Learn how to manipulate the mapped artifacts in your case to identify and capture important events.

Storyboard course.jpg

Coming Soon


The Storyboard course takes you through the process of capturing your findings in a palatable format which you can share with Command, the prosecution, or for use in court.

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