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Read the recent headlines where LEOVision played a role in the successful resolution of real life cases.

Baltimore PD - Israeli.PNG

Israeli National's Family Gets US Justice

Published: 2021, June 4

Baltimore Police Department's Homicide brings American justice to Israeli' Nationals family by leveraging digital evidence in the case.


Incredible work by BPD Homicide!

Click here for the full story.

Baltimore PD - Tripl C.PNG

Triple C Gang (Cruddy, Conniving Crutballs) Indicted

Published: 2021, June 3

Over 15 gang members indicted for 18 murders, 27 attempt murders, and numerous other serious violent crimes. LEOVision helps push predicates over the hump!


Incredible work by Baltimore PD, ATF - Baltimore, and the Maryland AUSA's Office!

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San Diego PD.PNG

Motel Murder

Published: 2021, April 21

San Diego Police Department's Homicide Unit brings LEOVision to bear on April murder to further ensure justice for the victim's family!


Incredible work in bringing all the case data together to show definitively the intent!

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MS-13 Target of COCCA

Arrested: 2021, March 10

Multiple members of the ultraviolent MS-13 were indicted on a COCCA (state-level RICO) for numerous murders, attempt murders, arsons, and other crimes thanks to the dedicated work of the R.A.V.E.N. Task Force.


Way to go after violent gang members perpetrating terror and drugs in our communities!

Case News5.PNG

Bomb Buddy

Published: 2021, March 11

R.A.V.E.N. and the Aurora Police Department continued their efforts reference the pipe bomber (see the January 16, 2021 highlight below), arresting a retired police Sergeant for aiding and abetting the suspect, holding all parties responsible!


Incredible work R.A.V.E.N. Task Force and Aurora Police Department!

Click here for the full story.

Denver PD Arson.PNG

Arson Fire Kills Five

Published: 2021, February 2

Senegalese community and extended family of 5 murdered in house fire relieved justice will be served. LEOVision assists in the arrests of 3 teens.


Incredible work by the Denver Police Department Homicide Unit, R.A.V.E.N. Task Force, and the Denver District Attorney's Office!

Click here for the full story.

Bombing Fox31.PNG

Bomb Maker Put Out of Business

Published: 2021, January 16

R.A.V.E.N. and the Aurora Police Department worked to put a quick end to a dangerous situation. Leveraging LEOVision, the responsible party was identified before he could put anymore innocent people at risk.


Way to go R.A.V.E.N. Task Force and Aurora Police Department!

Click here for the full story.


R.A.V.E.N. Task Force Receives National Award

Published: 2020, December 21

R.A.V.E.N. was appropriately recognized as the Task Force of the year by the DOJ in pursuit of the Project Safe Neighborhoods program. LEOVision is privileged to have played a significant role in assisting their success and improving public safety.


Way to go R.A.V.E.N. Task Force and all the participating agencies! Well deserved.

Click here for the full story.


Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel

Colorado Organized Crime Control Act (COCCA)

Published: 2020, November 12

20 violent gangsters facing decades in prison for perpetrating scores of crimes, brought to justice in part by leveraging LEOVision on hundreds of thousands of records.


Way to go Aurora Police Department Gang Unit, R.A.V.E.N. Task Force & ATF (CO)!

Click here for the full story.


Double Homicide Suspect Arrested

Published: 2020, August 14

Updated: 2020, August 29

LEOVision played a significant role in identifying and leading law enforcement to the the suspect. Grateful that these victims and their five children left behind will have justice.


Way to go Aurora Police Department (CO)!

Click here for the full story.

Case News2.PNG

Homicide Suspects Arrested

Published: 2020, June 4

Updated: 2020, July 2

Another case in which use of LEOVision helped to quickly identify these suspects so law enforcement could then locate and arrest them.


Way to go Adams County Sheriff's Office (CO)!

Click here for the full story.

Case News3.PNG

Drug Trafficking Organization Dismantled

Published: 2020, June 17

LEOVision played a role in the investigation and subsequent arrests of a drug trafficking organization affecting numerous communities.


Great work Northern Colorado Drug Task Force!

Click here to watch the video and read the full story.

Case News.PNG

Gun Store Burglaries

Published: 2020, May 22

LEOVision played a BIG role in quickly making suspect identifications, resulting in these arrests. It's exciting to contribute to such great work.


ATF (CO) & various local agencies keeping us safe!

Click here to watch the video and read the full story.

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Arizona, California, Maryland & Texas! Team Nighthawk is excited to be partners with these great states and the men and women there who are the thin blue line.

Related Date: 2021, June 8

LEOVision delivers its latest provider, Twitter, in the constant effort to become better and to better serve your mission. Additionally, LEOVision rolled out the newest feature, 'Storyboard'. Does the Command Staff need a briefing, presenting the case to the prosecutor for charging, preparing for trial, and need demonstratives? No worries, 'Storyboard' has you covered. Conveniently and quickly produce dynamic presentations of your investigative findings with the click of a few buttons.


Related Date: 2021, March 2

LEOVision delivers updates to the 'POR Wizard '. LEOVision introduced 'Favorites' to case management so that those cases that are most important are now easily accessible. 'Terrain' was introduced within the 'Map Tool' for users to leverage when line of sight or other terrain matters are of importance. Additionally, Emails from a Cellebrite extraction can now be auto-ingested. Lastly, enhancements were made to allow for even larger file sizes, especially related to Tower Dumps.

Related Date: 2021, February 4

LEOVision delivers even more providers to the 'POR Wizard '. LEOVision enhanced the handling of zip files, allowing the auto ingestion of zips within zips, further built out the 'Archived Tower Database (ATD)'.

Related Date: 2021, January 20

LEOVision delivers the first new feature of 2021 and its a BIG one! The 'POR Wizard ' provides every user with the ability to immediate initiate a court order or letter of preservation for any of our automated providers. This isn't just a time saver, users can rest assured that they are requesting all the available data for a provider. LEOVision also automated for T-Mobile data session data sets, as well as enhancing the ingestion of ShotSpotter data. Additionally, numerous enhancements to the user interface ensure a smoother more intuitive overall experience.

Related Date: 2020, December 22

LEOVision delivers enhancements to the RTT dataset of Verizon, enabling mapping of geolocation information, as well as the 'Measure the Distance' feature in the 'Mapping Tool', allowing for multi-measurements, and rolls out atomization of the Instant Messages dataset for Cellebrite. And if that wasn't enough, LEOVision pushed out numerous user interface (UI) enhancements throughout, improving data consolidation and representation, resulting in a more intuitive, informative and easier to understand displays.

Related Date: 2020, November 2

LEOVision delivers an enhancement to the 'Drag & Drop' interface, allowing for greater ease of use and batch loading, along with the feature 'Universal Column Control' allowing for application wide Standard and Custom Column Set-ups.

Related Date: 2020, August 18

LEOVision delivers automation for Instagram data ingest and the new feature 'Real-Time Collaboration' , along with multiple updates to the user interface. LEOVision now ingests Facebook IP History data, has added to the legacy tower files for Verizon within the 'Archived Tower Database (ATD)', and automates for all time zones of Covert Track data sets.

Related Date: 2020, August 4

LEOVision delivers the newest feature, 'Archived Tower Database (ATD)', improved 'List Tool' column header consolidation, updated 'Issue Tracker', and has added to the legacy tower files for Sprint within the 'ATD'.

Related Date: 2020, June 17

LEOVision delivers automation of Cellebrite data ingest and updated Facebook importing to improve ingestion.

Related Date: 2020, May 11

LEOVision delivers the newest feature, 'User Comments', updated the 'S.I.F.T. Tool' and improved large zipped file handling.

Related Date: 2020, March 31

LEOVision delivers the newest feature, 'Pre Vis', and updated the 'MACRO Timeline' leveraging greater use.

Related Date: 2020, Feb 10

LEOVision delivers automation of Snapchat ingestion, the new feature that is the 'Intersect Tool' and 'Save State'.

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