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The Next Level in Digital Data Fusion & Analytics
Justice for victims
Protection of the innocent
Accountability of offenders
The most affordable and comprehensive digital data fusion and analytics tool available.  This cloud-hosted thin client Software as a Service (SaaS) is set to revolutionize how law enforcement investigates crime.

In today's climate every investigator is an analyst. It is critical for fiscally-minded and manpower-challenged agency executives to understand the importance of force multiplying technology and how to leverage it.  Look no further...

See everything, miss nothing!

Data Types

Going far beyond just Call Detail Records (CDRs).


LEOVision leverages the power and potential of offenders' current trends in digital data communication, fused with data from other L.E. programs being brought to bear by today's investigators.

LEOVision employs an agile development process, which automates for novel data sets regularly, because how offenders communicate today will be different tomorrow.


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Fuse disparate digital data sets and visualize them together, overlaid and interlaced chronologically, on an easily understood and intuitive display.

Load multiple data sets for an individual subject, creating a complete picture of activity, interactions, and communications.

Create multiple subjects for a single case and observe how subjects interact and how their data correlates during the dates and times of interest.


A thin client Software as a Service (SaaS), hosted in Amazon GovCloud, which means it doesn't need to touch your existing systems.


Users need only a computer, either Chrome or Edge browsers, and internet accessibility.

LEOVision is about being fast, agile, reliable, and lean.

CJIS compliant, keeping your data safe through encryption while in transit and at rest.


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